Infrastructure Designations

Precinct Urban Planning has specialist expertise and project experience in the implementation and amendment of Ministerial Infrastructure Designations (MIDs) and Local Government Infrastructure Designations (LGIDs). This experience allows Precinct Urban Planning to provide succinct and accurate advice on the benefits and processes associated with the designation of community infrastructure.

Core tasks associated with Ministerial and Local Government Infrastructure Designations include:

  • The provision of strategic planning advice on development options and Infrastructure Designation benefits and processes;
  • The preparation of Infrastructure Designation endorsement documentation;
  • The preparation of preliminary and formal Public Consultation Strategy documentation;
  • Undertaking preliminary and formal public consultation activities;
  • The co-ordination of sub-consultant engineering, economic and environmental inputs including studies and specialist investigations;
  • Preparation and compilation of Environmental Assessment Reports (EARs);
  • The assessment of the proposed infrastructure against all relevant Commonwealth and State legislation and local planning instruments;
  • The co-ordination of responses to public consultation activities and State interest reviews; and
  • Designation conditions review and negotiation.

Precinct Urban Planning also has specific experience in the provision of services associated with Local Government Infrastructure Designations (LGIDs):

  • Preparation of Infrastructure Designation Frameworks and guidance material to assist Local Governments in assessing and designating proposed infrastructure;
  • Review of Local Government policies relating to the implementation and assessment of Local Government Infrastructure Designations;
  • Preparation of templated application forms and response letters; and
  • Presentations and information sessions to Local Government.