Tyre Recycling Facility

  • CategoryFeatured, Industrial
  • ProjectTyre Recycling Facility
  • ClientGreen Distillation Technologies Corporation Limited
  • LocationWellcamp
  • Project Year2018

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Precincts Role

Precinct Urban Planning was engaged by Green Distillation Technologies Corporation Limited to provide town planning assistance associated with the development of a revolutionary tyre recycling facility in the Wellcamp Business Park. This facility will process approximately 19,300 tonnes of various sized tyres per year. The recycling process uses heat and excludes oxygen to reduce used tyres to their constituent parts of oil, steel and carbon. These high-quality raw materials that are produced by the recycling process are suitable for a range of industrial and domestic applications.


Key Tasks

  • Provision of Strategic and Statutory Planning Advice
  • Development Application Preparation
  • DA Process Management
  • Development Facilitation