Poultry Broiler Farm

  • CategoryRural
  • ProjectPoultry Broiler Farm
  • ClientSouth Toolburra Pty Ltd
  • LocationLeyburn Cunningham Road Pratten
  • Project Year2011 - 2014

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Precincts Role

Precinct Urban Planning was engaged by South Toolburra Pty Ltd to provide town planning assistance associated with the establishment of a poultry broiler farm at Pratten. The project was approved through two separate development applications and involved the establishment of three Pad areas and three caretaker’s residences. The development included 24 poultry rearing sheds and has an overall capacity of 1,248,000 birds. Town planning assistance was also provided for approval of an Environmentally Relevant Activity.


Key Tasks

  • Provision of Strategic and Statutory Planning Advice
  • Development Application Preparation
  • IDAS Process Management
  • Development Facilitation
  • Environmentally Relevant Activity