Outdoor Sport and Recreation - Rifle Range

  • CategoryCommunity
  • ProjectOutdoor Sport and Recreation (Rifle Range)
  • ClientDarling Downs Rifle Club Inc
  • Location107 Werths Road, Malu
  • Project Year2018

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Precincts Role

Precinct Urban Planning was engaged by Darling Downs Rifle Club Inc to provide town planning assistance associated with the establishment of a rifle range. The project involved seeking a Development Permit for a Material Change of Use. The facility will comprise a shooting range area and clubhouse. The shooting range area includes a roofed ‘full bore fire range’ and an unroofed ‘rim fire range’ located adjacent to the clubhouse.


Key Tasks

  • Provision of Strategic and Statutory Planning Advice
  • Development Application Preparation
  • IDAS Process Management
  • Development Facilitation