Shell Service Station Redevelopment

Wellcamp Airport & Business Park

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport

Wellcamp Airport Terminal and Car Parking

Carrel Drive Development Precinct

Industrial Subdivision - Glenvale

Moore Trailers Manufacturing Facility

Tuff Bullbars Australia Industrial Premises

Concrete Batching Plant

Pittsworth Industrial Park

Country Petroleum Refuelling Depot

Unmanned Refuelling Facility

Contractors Storage Yard Oakey

Meandarra Aircraft Depot

Industrial Complex Mort St

Chinchilla Crane and Truck Storage Facility

Quarry - Watpac Quarries Morven

Oakey Service Centre

Toowoomba Clubhouse Commercial Laundry

Highfields Industrial Estate

Warehouse Extension

Extension to iOR Petroleum Facility

Vehicle Service and Predelivery Centre

Transport Depot

Medicinal Cannabis Propagation & Processing Facility

Concrete Batch Plant

Industry Activities

Extractive Industry, Environmentally Relevant Activities & Vegetation Clearing

Poultry Farming

Extension to Animal Product Processing Industry (Abattoir)

Tyre Recycling Facility

Milk Processing Facility

Commercial Ground Water Extraction

Waste Transfer Station

Regional Trade Distribution Centre

Expansion of Manufacturing & Assembly of Mining Equipment

Warehouse & Hazardous Chemical Facility

Plastic Product Manufacturing

Plastics Recycling & Products Manufacturing

Cottonseed Processing and Lysine Plant

Food Production Enterprise

Transport Depot & Waste Transfer Station

Warehouse Expansion - Dalby

Chemical Storage Facility & ERA

Self Storage Facility Charlton

Multi-Tenancy Industrial Building

Thermal Waste Reprocessing & Treatment Plant