New Toowoomba Base Hospital


Queensland Heath (QH) and the Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service (DDHHS) has identified the need for a new hospital to replace the existing older Toowoomba Hospital facility in South Toowoomba. Consequently, DDHHS has identified the Baillie Henderson Hospital site, approximately 5 km north-west of Toowoomba’s CBD as an appropriate site for the redevelopment of the Toowoomba Hospital.

On 25th September 2018, the Premier and Minister for Trade, the Honorable Annastacia Palaszczuk – Premier of Queensland, announced the Ballie Henderson site as the preferred site for a new Toowoomba Hospital.

Since that time, the DDHHS has progressed the detailed business case for a new Toowoomba Hospital on the Baillie Henderson Hospital campus to bring world-class, innovative health care to Toowoomba and the Darling Downs region.

The Baillie Henderson Hospital campus is the selected site for the Toowoomba Hospital Redevelopment Project, a 75-hectare tree lined site to the city’s north. The vision for the site is a campus that includes open, natural tree lined spaces interconnecting heritage buildings, multi-disciplinary health services, research, education, commercial, and community recreation spaces.

The hospital will deliver new and expanded health care services to the region to cater for its growing population, provide access to the latest medical technologies, create an environment that promotes health and wellbeing and set the hospital up for a sustainable future.

In 2019 work commenced on the detailed business case for the new hospital and the preparation of a detailed master plan for the facility. A key part of this planning was to seek approval of a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) under the Planning Act 2016.

Precinct Urban Planning had previously been engaged as the consulting urban planners on the project with the key responsibility being to secure the MID.

In January 2021, Precinct Urban Planning prepared and submitted an Environmental Assessment Report (EAR) to the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDMIP) in support of a request for a MID for the redevelopment of the Toowoomba Hospital on behalf of DDHHS.

The EAR required the coordination and inclusion of many specialist reports including: Socio-Economic, Soils and Geology, Flora and Fauna, Natural Hazards, Heritage and Native Title, Health Safety and Amenity, Traffic and Transport as well as Municipal Infrastructure.

The MID will facilitate the relocation of the existing Toowoomba Hospital facility in South Toowoomba to the Baillie Henderson Hospital site in Cranley. The new hospital facility caters for the needs of a growing population, DDHHS future expansion and will provide world-class facilities including:

  • New Day Surgery Building
  • New Main Acute Hospital Building 
  • New Central Facility Management Building
  • New Acute Mental Health Building
  • The refurbishment and reutilisation of existing buildings
  • Associated hospital and health support infrastructure

The new hospital site includes several buildings listed on the Queensland Heritage Register, and these buildings will be refurbished and reutilised to maintain and enhance the heritage values of the site.

The overall capital cost of the project is estimated at $1.8 billion and has been endorsed by Building Queensland and the Queensland Government Investment Assurance Committee.

The Minister is currently reviewing the draft EAR and once approved, the next steps will involve Precinct Urban Planning coordinating consultation with the general public and stakeholders regarding the building of the new hospital facility.