Our Team

James Williams

Senior Planner

  • Bachelor of Planning (BP)

James is a qualified town planner, having completed a Bachelor of Planning degree at James Cook University (JCU) in Townsville, North Queensland, graduating in 2018. His studies involved a number of practical courses including Indigenous Environmental Management, Environmental and Regional Planning, and Urban Design.

James has over six (6) years’ experience within the private sector. Prior to joining Precinct Urban Planning in early 2019, James previously worked as a Planner for a building certification company in Townsville. In addition to assessing proposed developments in rural and regional Queensland against the relevant planning requirements, this position also allowed me to understand and implement building legislation, such as the Building Act 1975 and Queensland Development Code.

Since becoming a member of the Precinct team, James has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, working on a range of developments from small-scale uses such as Airbnbs, dwellings and offices to large-scale uses such as poultry farms, schools, and community facilities. He has also benefitted by assisting local governments in the assessment of various types of Development Applications.

In these roles, James has developed the knowledge to provide accurate and succinct planning advice for an array of residential, commercial, industrial and rural projects in a range of council regions across Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Additionally, James has worked on projects of regional and state significance, including Ministerial and Local Government Infrastructure Designations for the redevelopment of the Toowoomba Hospital and other large scale projects such as hospitals, schools, electricity infrastructure and dams.